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Jon Epps (Shamu)
Director of Camps and Retreats

 …other side of comfortable, predictable and secure lies wonder and life that is deeper and richer than we can imagine. Jesus said it’s the kind of life that we only discover when we let go of focusing on ourselves and instead give ourselves away and follow him.

Since 1955 men and women have given themselves away each summer so that kids could explore the wonder of creation, the radical goodness of Jesus and the profound depth of God’s love. In so doing year after year, countless staff have discovered that Jesus meant what he said - when you lose your life for my sake, you truly find it.

Having spent five years as summer staff myself, I know this to be true personally. Though teased a bit by a childhood friend as the oldest camp kid she knew, what I knew is that each summer I was growing in vision and confidence in ways found nowhere else. Firwood has been as influential in shaping who I am today as university, Bible school or seminary.

We take our mission to sacrificially give ourselves away to kids and each other seriously because we take you seriously and the life of wonder you were created for. So, we’re looking for those ready to give themselves away, ready to grow deeper and ready to explore the wonder and power of the Gospel.

will you join us?



Support giving kids a unique and amazing experience to explore wonder and a taste of the kingdom. Click below to see what positions are available.

Experience a community of growth the many aspects of camp while exploring the ways of Jesus and your unique gifts. Click below to find out more about the CIT Program at Camp Firwood.

Pour yourself into helping kids explore the wonder of this world, experience God’s love and take steps of trust in Jesus. Click below to find out more about being a Counselor at Camp Firwood.


click below if you have questions about the application process or what it means to serve as a part of the firwood summer staff team.

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Come visit us on the camp firwood summer staff recruiting tour! We will be traveling the west coast and visiting schools in washington, oregon and california. Check the dates avaialble soon for an event near you.