Campers love to receive mail! This is also a good way for campers to feel connected to home while they are away at camp. Some ideas you can send would be: letters (inside or instead of the care package), candy and snacks, small cabin favors/treats, small and inexpensive toy items (no electronics or prank items please).

  • If you have a care package for your camper, please place it in your camper's luggage or bring it to their cabin on Opening Day.

  • Limit care packages to one per camper per week and make sure they are no bigger than shoe box size.

  • Due to concern for campers with nut allergies, please do not send foods containing any peanut/tree nut products in care packages. Any nut products found in care packages will be disposed of.

  • If you choose to mail a care package; it will be distributed the following morning. We will do our best to deliver care packages that arrive late in the week. If a care package arrives after Friday morning, it will be returned via USPS.

  • Please do not send or drop off any perishable or items that need refrigeration; we do not have a place to store them.

  • Camp Firwood reserves the right to check the contents of any care packages.

  • Mailing address: Camp Firwood, 4605 Cable Street, Bellingham, WA 98229

    • Please add session name next to your camper's name on the envelope

pre ordered firwood care packages

Firwood offers pre-made and ready-to-go care packages in the Honey Hut.  These care packages can be pre-ordered during registration through the Parent Portal or purchased in the Honey Hut on Opening Day.  Campers are not able to purchase care packages for themselves.  Care packages must be ordered by Check In (Sunday, 4:30 pm) as they will be delivered on Wednesday.

Firwood care packages are stocked full with items that are not available for individual sale in the Honey Hut, making each care package a little more special for your camper.