leadership staff

each summer, firwood hires 30+ leadership staff members who make up a team of people who help deliver an unforgettable experience for campers each week through program events, activity classes and centerstage.  in order to work as part of firwoods leadership staff, applicants must be 21 years or older.  

Below is information regarding summer staff positions as well as fundraising information. Camp Firwood contributes weekly salary regardless of money raised.  any funds raised will be automatically added onto your weekly summer staff salary throughout the summer.  If you choose to forego fundraising, you will still receive your weekly salary.  There is a maximum that can be raised based on position, as noted under each position.  These maximums have been set in accordance with IRS regulations.  Please refer to the fundraising section of the summer staff page for details on where people can donate as well as how.

activity positions

Activities Lead:
Support Maximum – $5,000
The Activities Leader’s main responsibility is to oversee Firwood activity classes. This includes selecting and assigning qualified personnel to instruct each activity class offered at Firwood as well as providing close supervision and monitoring each class for effectiveness and safety. The Activities Leader will work closely with the challenge course lead, Paintball lead as well as the Waterfront Lead to schedule all lifeguards for supervision of the waterfront and any other qualified staff for each activity area around firwood.

challenge course lead
Support Maximum – $5,000
Responsible for managing Challenge Course and Climbing Wall activity classes and free time. Supervises belay-certified staff in operating activities safely. Must be belay and Challenge Course certified.

extreme studio arts lead
Support Maximum – $5,000
The Craft Lead is responsible for supervising and running the craft program. Specifically, they are responsible for organizing crafts and teaching class 2 hours a day and supervising the ESA during free time.

head boat driver
Support Maximum – $5,000
Responsible for driving boats and supervising Wakeboard/Water Ski program.

paintball team
Support Maximum – $5,000
The Paintball team staff is responsible for organizing and supervising the Paintball program. They will work to ensure that campers and staff remain safe while having fun in an competitive environment.

waterfront lead
Support Maximum – $5,000
The Waterfront Leader is responsible for supervising all Firwood Lifeguards as well as insuring proper use of all waterfront areas. Candidates must currently have lifeguard, First Aid and CPR certification as well as 6 weeks of supervision experience.

program positions

program assistant
Support Maximum – $5,000
The Program assistant is responsible for assisting the program director in the planning, scheduling, and supervising of skits, team competition, meals and special camp activities. The Program assistant will also work directly with a Program Team made up of leadership staff members.

outpost lead
Support Maximum – $5,000
The Outpost Lead is responsible for organizing all overnight activities at camp. The Outpost Lead will also work closely with the program director and program team.

road runner
Support Maximum – $5,000
The Road Runner is responsible for gathering all necessary supplies from off site. A candidate must be 21 or older with a valid driver’s license with a good driving record.

pastoral leadership positions

cit lead - 2 male and 3 female leads
Support Maximum – $5,000
Counselor-in-Training Leader has direct input into the lives of 35 high school young people each summer. It is a personnel position and the responsibility will be centered on the spiritual growth of these young people, and on the physical operation of day to day goings on at camp.

men and women's lead counselors - one male and one female lead
Support Maximum – $5,000
The Lead Counselor is a summer staff Leadership position designed to assist the counselor in carrying out his ministry with the campers. The major areas of responsibility will be to the counselors, the campers, and their parents. The Lead Counselor must demonstrate spiritual maturity in his daily life. The individual should also have refined skills in interpersonal communication.

music and worship lead
Support Maximum – $5,000
The Music and Worship Leader is responsible for organizing a worship team and leading worship daily during staff meeting and Centerstage times.

support staff positions

honey hut manager
Support Maximum – $5,000
The Honey Hut Manager is responsible for running the Honey Hut [Camp Store]. Tasks include supervising CITs, stocking merchandise, ordering supplies and keeping track of accounts.

Maintenance Assistant
Support Maximum – $5,000
The Maintenance Assistant works under the direction of the Maintenance Director to keep camp running smoothly from an operations standpoint.

Health aide
Support Maximum – $6,600
The Health Aide is responsible of the overall health of camp. They operate the infirmary for both campers and staff. Their duties also include maintaining all necessary health records, screening campers, and supervising the general health and safety of all camp activities.

health aide assistant
Support Maximum – $6,600
The Health Aide assistant is responsible for assisting the health aide with the overall health of camp. They operate the infirmary for both campers and staff. Their duties also include maintaining all necessary health records, screening campers, and supervising the general health and safety of all camp activities.

media team

Support Maximum – $5,000
The Videographer is responsible for shooting, publishing and producing a weekly highlight video of the camper experience during a week at camp as well as working with the program director to create any videos needed for program events.

Support Maximum – $5,000
The Web Photographer is responsible for daily taking pictures and uploading them to a website.

Social media manager
Support Maximum – $5,000
the social media manager is responsible for monitoring and uploading current media to the firwood social media platforms, working alongside the videographer and photographer to create daily content.