cabin mate policy

We do our best to accommodate all completed cabin mate requests. The vast majority of cabin mate requests are approved, but we do reserve the right to break up groups in order to house all registered campers during their week at camp. 

  • Each camper is allowed to request up to 3 cabin mates and our cabins house 9 campers.

  • Cabin mate requests must be sent and accepted within the Parent Portal. It is the parent's responsibility to communicate with other parents about mutual requests.

  • We only recognize requests that have been requested and accepted via the parent portal.

  • Campers must be within one grade of each other in order to be approved.

  • Siblings are generally placed in separate cabins, unless requested otherwise.

  • All requests must be accepted 2 weeks before the session starts.

  • Your camper will be notified of their cabin assignment upon Opening Day Check-In.


Camp Firwood has a strict “No Cell Phone” policy due to the safety of staff and campers. If brought to camp, cell phones will be confiscated for the week and returned on Closing Day. Please leave cell phones at home.

if in the case of an emergency you need to get ahold of your camper, please contact the firwood main office at 360-733-6840.

honey hut info

The Honey Hut is Camp Firwood’s store. It is open daily during Free Time (2-3 hours) and has a variety of candy and beverage options as well as t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, critters, water bottles and other merchandise for sale.

  • A typical deposit in the Honey Hut is between $35 and $50.

  • If you need to add funds during the week, login to the Parent Portal. You can also pre-order items in the Parent Portal for pick up when they arrive at camp.

  • Payments on Opening Day can be made by check, cash, Visa or Mastercard.

  • There are no emergency items at the Honey Hut, such as toothbrushes, sunscreen or bug repellent. Please pack accordingly.

It is Camp Firwood tradition that on the last day of camp, there is no limit to what can be purchased. If you do not want your camper to purchase lots of candy, please budget accordingly. Our staff is not responsible to limit their spending on the last day of camp. Please do not send cash to camp.

Our staff is not responsible to relate spending concerns or requests from parents during the week. If you have limits for your camper on items to purchase, please discuss with your camper before camp starts. We will not keep notes per camper on what they can or cannot purchase.

daily schedule info

The following is an example of a typical schedule of activities at Camp Firwood. For Junior Camp, the 15 minutes before each meal is reserved for hand washing.

8:00 – Wake Up
9:00 – Breakfast
9:30 – Morning Session
10:00 – First Hour – Activity Class
11:00 – Break
11:15 – Second Hour – Activity Class
12:15 – Break
12:45 – Lunch
1:15 – Third Hour – Free Time
3:00 – Fourth Hour – Free Time
4:45 – Cleanup
5:00 – Cabin Rest Hour
6:00 – Dinner
6:15 – Evening Program
8:30 – Centerstage
9:30 – 10:30 – Bed Time [dependent on age group]

food service info

All meals at Firwood are served Family Style. Our kid friendly meals are served with a balanced diet in mind. Due to the prevalence of nut allergies, we do not serve peanut products during any of our meals. We also ask that you do not send nuts in any care packages. If your camper has any dietary restrictions, please inform us and we will discuss some potential options. We may ask that you provide substitutions to compliment your camper’s nutritional needs.

camper medication info

All medications must be checked into the Health Aide on Opening Day. Each camper will be notified daily to take their medications by their counselors and the health aide team. Counselors will be notified of each of their campers medications and allergies. Medications must be in the original prescription bottle; medications in baggies or other containers will not be accepted.  please do not pack over the counter medications as firwoods infirmary will stock as needed meds if necessary.  

camper contact and visiting info

We are fully conscious of our great responsibility to care for your camper and take this very seriously. In the case of any emergency, either physical or otherwise, you will be notified promptly. Consequently, we do not allow personal phone calls, either incoming or outgoing, or personal visitation during the camp session due to the interruption to the schedule and the effect on camper morale. If a serious concern arises, you may contact the camp director to discuss the situation.

inappropriate behavior info

Camp Firwood reserves the right to send campers home for inappropriate behavior at the parent(s) or guardian(s) cost, and without refund. The safety and security of our guests is always of the highest priority.  Firwood has a zero tolerance policy in regards to bullying.  campers who choose to bully others during the week will be asked to leave in order to enforce the safety and security of everyone at firwood.  firwood also has a zero tolerance policy in regards to drug and alcohol use while on site as a camper.  if a camper is found to be in possession of either drugs or alcohol, their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) will be notified immediately and the camper will be asked to leave the grounds.  
in any case of inappropriate behaviour, a member of the firwood leadership staff will be in touch with the parent or legal guardian.