Dear Summer Staff Member,

Below you will find a sample fundraising letter that you can use to send out to family and friends explaining what you are up to this summer and how they can donate for you. You can fill in the blank sections or copy and paste what you would like to use when contacting friends and family. In talking to people about raising funds, it is important that you make sure that they make checks out to " The Firs " to ensure that the person who donates will be able to make a tax deduction. Do not have them put your name anywhere on the check but include "2017 Summer Staff" on the memo line as well as the donation form that is attached as well.

We are using a deputized fundraising model that is similar to YWAM or other mission organizations. In accordance with IRS guidelines, income tax deductible contributions are made with the understanding that The Firs has complete control and discretion over the use of all donated funds.

You will want to customize the letter to fit your position and what you would like it to say. In terms of your individual fundraising goal, that information can be found at . Scroll down to the position section and click on the button that corresponds with your hired position. From there, you can see the support goal for each position listed next to your job description.

To have the most success, I would recommend writing down a list of 40-50 people [or more] to people who you think would be interested in supporting you. These could be relatives, friends, church members, former teachers, pastors, youth workers or anyone else who has had an influence on your life. Find their addresses and mail them a letter. The next step is to pray that God moves them to hopefully pray for you this summer while you’re working with kids or to contribute financially [or both].