The Counselor-In-Training (CIT) position is a vital part of the ministry of Firwood camps. A CIT will take part in various programs, operational duties, work projects, and Bible studies. Also included in a CIT daily schedule is maximum hours of practical, on-the-job training with campers throughout the week. This is done under close supervision by the CIT Leader and a counselor to whom the CIT is assigned for the summer. CIT’s must commit to serve for a full summer only.
Tuition for the CIT program is $275.

In order to offset some of the financial commitments an applicant may have, fundraising is an option for CIT's.  We understand that summers can be a time for students to get ahead by earning and saving money, so we have expanded our summer staff fundraising options to CIT's as well.  Each CIT's staff member can raise a maximum of $2500 which will be divided up and paid out on the specified pay periods.  Please see the fundraising page for details on how to accept and submit fundraising donations to the firs in order to comply with irs regulations.

In order to apply to be a part of the cit program, applicants must be between 16 and 18 years of age.