Camp Firwood offers many fun and exciting Activity Classes for campers to choose from each week of the summer.*  Our highly trained summer staff has engaging activities planned for each class to give your camper a week they will never forget!  Below is a list of just some of the classes offered all summer long.  

What ARE ACTIVITY CLASSES and how do they work?

Activity Classes take place each morning from 10:00 am – 12:15 pm. Activity Classes are split into two blocks of time [1st Hour and 2nd Hour] with a 15 minute break in between. Paintball ($65 Full Week / $25 Single Session), Ceramics ($65) and Extreme Studio Art ($20) are the only classes with fees.


Landsmorg is a smorgasbord of fast moving games on land! It includes 9 Square in the Air, Kan Jam and Spikeball. Talk about extreme fun!


Experience the outdoors in a whole new way! Adventure Camping will take you all around our 120 acre property as you learn the skills needed to survive in the outdoors. From building forts and shelters to learning how to tie knots and other wilderness skills; Adventure Camping will be something to remember.


You know the phrase “rub some dirt in it”? Well do we have a class for you! Bring your camo tees and gilly suits! It’s time to get dirty! We’ll have a blast being sneaky, quiet and hiding our way into shenanigans.

classic ball sports

We think Volleyball, Basketball and Soccer are the epitome of classic sports so we are combining this class with all the greats! Shoot, spike, GOALLLL!

climbing wall

Climbing? Climb on! Scale our 30 foot climbing wall with assistance from our highly trained staff. We have 6 belay points, each with multiple routes, for every level of climber. Sign up for the Activity Class to climb every day, all week. Can’t get enough? Stop by during Free Time and really improve your skills throughout the week.

extreme studio arts**

All kinds of craft projects await you in the ESA. From journals to bracelets to tie-dye t-shirts, you will also have something to take home to remember your week at camp. Sign up for the week long Activity Class for $20.


Grab a pole during this Activity Class as you catch some of the many different types of fish in Lake Whatcom. You will be fishing from several docks around camp, known for their schools of fish as well as on a boating tour around the Camp Firwood waterfront on the barge! Fishing is catch and release and we provide all the equipment and instruction needed to have a great time. Sign up for Fishing as an Activity Class [Juniper Camp only] or find a Fishing Instructor during Free Time.


Disc Golf, Frisbee Golf, Frolf - whatever you call it, we have it! Disc Golf is all about accuracy. With a course full of metal baskets; Frolfers will try to complete the course with the fewest throws possible. Ultimate Frisbee: Touchdown or goal? You decide when you play Ultimate Frisbee! Two teams work to pass the disc to each other as they move down the field in order to catch a throw in the end zone.


Ready to lay down some paint and try a tactical assault on the enemy encampment? Firwood Paintball is the place for some crazy action and intense competition. Our highly trained staff will walk you through safety and tactical training so that you can get the most out of your experience. With a full array of Tippmann flip top markers, masks, neck guards, compressed air tanks and paint, Firwood Paintball has it all. Come try out our new and improved fields this summer!
Week Long Sessions - $65
Single Session - $25


Sign your campers up for a week of creativity! This activity invites campers to channel their artistic abilities when painting ceramics such as mugs, bowls, plates, and even sculptures - the possibilities are endless! $65


Voted the Best Activity Class at Firwood, hands down by campers and Summer Staff. Grab some friends and a Sailing Instructor and take out one of our 5 Hobie-cat catamarans. Tack the channel or try to get up on one pontoon. Available as a week long Activity Class or during Free Time [with  instructor]. Come experience Sailing at Firwood.

target sports

Become a modern day Robin Hood or the next Katniss Everdeen (without the Hunger Games event) at the Target Sports Range. Lots of great shooting games to play either during Free Time or all week long in the Target Sports Activity Class.


Sharpen your improv and acting skills in Theater Sports! This fun and unpredictable class lets you, the camper, help our staff take the class on an acting adventure that will leave you laughing and having the time of your life. 

wake boarding*

Whether you are just learning or have been riding for years, the trained staff at Firwood will be able to take you to the next level. Wake Boarding not your thing? Try Water Skiing or Knee Boarding during the week. *Wake boarding is for middle school and high school weeks only.

Water smorg

What is Water Smorg?  Imagine all the things you love about being in the water, all rolled up into one class at Camp Firwood!  Water Smorg has it all from blobbing to water relays to sand castle making to the Aqua Swing and Aqua Jump. You will be able to try a little bit of everything in this popular water based class.


Not all camper activities involve hooting and hollering! Enjoy the tranquil environment that Camp Firwood provides and sign up for yoga! This course offers relaxation in your physical exercise and well being. Shalom!

and so much more!

*Not all classes are offered for each age group of camp. Some restrictions apply.
**Requires additional fees in order to participate. Fees can be paid during online registration or upon Check In on Opening Day.