Parent Portal

We are excited to announce the Parent Portal, which allows you to view photos and more while your camper is at camp. To access these services, login to your account at The following steps will show you how to view photos, manage guests and add funds to your camper’s Honey Hut account.

Accessing the Parent Portal

STEP 1: Account Dashboard

After you have logged in, the following screen will appear. If it doesn’t click on My Account at the top of the page. *View Itineraries has been changed to View Account.

STEP 2: Itinerary

Click on the event for the current camper.

STEP 3: Registration Details

On this page you can click to View Photos, Manage Guests or add funds to the camper’s Honey Hut account under Store Account. *We are not offering One-Way Emails to campers. We apologize for the example photo.

Session Photos

During your camper’s session, login to see photos of what is going on at camp. To invite friends and family members to have access to photos, click Manage Guests from the Account Dashboard and send a request.

Manage Guests

To invite family and friends to view photos, you can invite them through the Manage Guests link. On this page, you will be asked to enter the guest’s email address and they will be sent instructions on how to set up an account and to access photos. Make sure that the guest clicks on the specific link in the email to link to your account.

Store Account

To add funds to your camper’s Honey Hut account, click the link Store Account on the Registration Details page. You can choose to add funds, sign up to receive refill notices or choose to donate any remaining balance.

Camper Mail

We love the idea of your camper getting a handwritten note from you or family, so we are not offering one-way emails this summer. Please pack some notes in your camper’s luggage or mail them a letter to The Firs at 4605 Cable Street, Bellingham, WA 98229. Include your camper’s name and session # on the envelope and we will deliver.